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Ubiquitous access to information

Technological advances introduced in mobile devices have generated changes in consumers’ behavior. This movement is part of our lives and, through these devices, access to information now also moves with us.



The user’s multimedia experience through the transmission of online data, social networks, chats, emails, etc., is obtained through ubiquitous access to the service .

In other words, it is available to everyone, from any place at any time and on any device.

Technological advances of mobile devices and growth in the range of services and applications are the driving forces behind the development of mobile communications that enable more users to access information and knowledge about society; a society hungry for interconnecting, communicating and sharing.

The Entertainment industry is part of this technological evolution.

Online games of all kinds are available on websites, social networks and mobile telephones with free or paid access. This provides customers an experience that, besides just allowing them to enjoy their free time, also inspires them to enjoy the games again and again.

Online and Mobile Casinos

The development of games of chance with online bets, included exclusively within the segment of games for adults, has enabled the creation of electronic casinos accessible from anywhere, through smart electronic devices connected to mobile phone networks or the internet.

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Clearly, betting and games of chance are no longer may only be enjoyed exclusively in their physical locations, as they have now have the characteristics services with ubiquitous access. This evolution we are experiencing today is a paradigmatic reality based on recent numbers published by the biggest worldwide operators.

It is possible to distinguish two types of sites in cyberspace, Online Casinos and MobileCasinos, both of which offer games of chance with online bets. The difference between them, from a technical point of view, basically lies in the type of electronic device the applications’ SW requires, and therefore, the type of browser through which the access to the site is obtained.

Online Casino

Virtual casinos on Internet offer players the chance to play and bet on games of chance through devices connected to Internet.

The access is through the web browser application that interprets the HTML Code, in which web pages are written, to show images, play sounds and enable the user to interact with the content of the site. They appeared in the 90’s with a great evolution nowadays in the quality of their proposals and services to the player.

Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos are virtual casinos accessible from the mobile telephone network, which offer the players the chance to play and bet on games of chance through cell phones.

The access to the site is performed through the microbrowser application, a web browser designed for mobile devices.

The application is developed to show content (WAP, XHTML, WML, i-mode HTML) in small displays, to be installed in devices with slow memory RAM capacity and executed with a small keyboard.

Games and services are similar to the Online Casino. In general, they are simplified to enable its use in most cell phones.


The most popular games offered by the best casinos in Las Vegas or Europe are already available on the cyberspace to play and gamble on Online and Mobile Casinos. These offer traditional slots and video poker, games of chance such as roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack, and horse and greyhound races called Racing Games.

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There are also sites called Betting Sports which admit bets on sports events. A special feature offered by several sites are mobile bets called Live Betting. It enables bets on sports games while action is being developed, it means that sports fans can bet from their phone while they are watching the match. Besides, some companies offer applications for Live Games, with real table games with croupier, making the online bet a casino live game experience.

Although online bets introduced new ways to play, the mobile technology adds a new level of interaction to classic casino games which was not possible years ago.

Such is the case of Mobile Bingo. Although it does not offer the same social interaction than in bingo halls, fans can download Mobile Bingo games on their telephones, and participate whenever and wherever they want.

Providers of gaming software

There are many sites that offer online games and bets, however, not all of them have their own software. Besides, not all the game softwares are secure.

Most online casinos but gaming licenses to software provides, and the most reliable software manufacturers are very careful with the control of their licenses, because they know that their final customer is the community of games and their prestige goes hand in hand with online gaming operators.

There are currently several software gaming developers that offer games for Online Casinos and also for Mobile Casinos. Each developer has its own group of casino games, some of them use a technology that does not require to download the game on the device, while others develop applications that must be downloaded to be able to play. The evolution of the activity is so important that new competitors have appeared.

Traditional slot machine manufacturers have started to expand on online regulated markets for more than a decade, and in the last 7 years on the market for games for mobile devices. In general, they did it through the acquisition of small and medium companies dedicated to develop online games, transforming them in subsidiaries, to offer their customers, who are operators of traditional casinos, new modalities of games of chance with bets.

Telephone models supported by Casino Mobile

As I have mentioned, there are several companies specialized on manufacturing software for Mobile Casino.

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Some of them are dedicated to develop games that operate on WAP phones, while others are also specialized on games of chance for different operating systems (Symbian-Nokia, Windows Mobile de Microsoft, Android de Google Inc., iOS de Apple Inc. and BlackBerry de RIM Ltd.) that the current models of mobile smart phones have. So, when choosing a Mobile Casino, it is important for the user to verify if games offered by the site operate on the telephone model they are using.

The telephones that just admit WAP technology have casinos available on WAP, Smartphone type (Apple, BlackBerry, Android, etc) and tablets can operate casino games from WAP and HTML sites, improving the user experience with bigger displays, and touchscreen.

Access to the casino and gambling

Registering as a player and opening an account is a simple process to be carried out from the same mobile device.

The online and mobile gaming sites have a reception link where you have to enter your name, address and answer some other general identification questions to register your account.

After verifying that he is of legal age, an essential requirement to be able to bet legally, the player will have to register his credit card and make a small deposit (the limit depends on the particular casino).

Once these requirements have been fulfilled, the client already has money in his account available to bet on his favorite game from his mobile device.

To load the games on the mobile device, the player has to access the main menu link and select the games tab, search for the game he wants to play, select it, and in a short time he will be playing that game and betting for money from where the player is.

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